All appointments can be made by telephone on 01 846 7033. In our modern busy world, an appointment system facilitates many and we do our utmost to be as punctual as possible. Unfortunately, emergency situations, very acute illnesses or distressed young children know no time clock and we ask for your patience and understanding if your appointment is delayed.

The following will also assist us in keeping clinics running smoothly and on time:

  • arrive in good time for your appointment, and please contact us if you are unable to attend so we can give the appointment slot to another patient.
  • make a separate appointment for each person attending.
  • try not to overload the consultation with multiple problems during a single vist, the doctor will usually try and prioritise problems, some of which may require a follow up visit
  • please, where possible, state the nature of appointment type when booking if not a general consultation, e.g. medical, baby vaccination, special service etc., so that when booking the appointment can be allocated to the appropriate clinic and correct time reserved.